What Chefs Are Saying


“I use it because of the flavor profile I think it's very neutral tasting. I think the eggs have a nice pop when they're on the palate and I think the salinity is right there when it can be used in any application.”
Chef Nina Compton
Compére Lapin

“It’s local and it’s a good unique ingredient… We don’t use it as a high end caviar, but as an accent to the food we do. It’s a salty counterpoint to the creamy richness of the hogs head cheese.”
Chef Michael Stolzfus

“As a chef, I’ve had the opportunity to use a lot of different caviars on my menus, but I’ve used Cajun Caviar more than 20 years. The process that is used has been perfected over the years, which has enhanced the quality. Even in the last few years we’ve seen a better product; it’s a product I believe in and I’m excited to be a greater part of it.”
Chef Alison Vega-Knoll
Station 6

“I like using Cajun Caviar because the taste of it is very clean. I also enjoy the varieties the company has to offer as far as the ghost pepper goes, it adds a nice heat to different dishes like our deviled eggs."
Chef Wilfredo Avelar

"Cajun Caviar is as local to me as you can get, I grew up fishing in the same waters as the Choupique they're harvesting. Nothing beats the great flavors of our Louisiana bayous in a dish."

Chef Nathan Richard