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Crafted: Cajun Caviar
BY Julie Gauthier

“What sets it apart from other types of caviar? 
Its mild flavor and affordability makes Cajun Caviar very approachable and versatile. Instead of doing a caviar bump or eating it on a bellini, you can add it to oysters, deviled eggs, dressings, nachos, alongside french fries or even Zapp’s chips.”

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Biz The Magazine

Re-Born on the Bayou

"The all-female team behind Cajun Caviar is determined to bring attention to the quality, and affordability, of Louisiana caviar."

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The Local Palate

The Fridge
By Michael Harold

Writer Michael Harold opens up his fridge full of local Louisiana fares, from gulf shrimp to Brennan’s bread pudding and Cajun Caviar.

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Wine Spectator

Go Luxe and Local With American Caviar
By Owen Dugan

“Advances in technology and fish farming have led to more control over production and quality. And other fish besides sturgeon are now producing eggs that are worth a look.”



Craving Cajun Caviar For The Holidays

“I use it because of the flavor profile,” said Chef Nina Compton, “Top Chef” TV show runner-up, fan favorite and owner of Compère Lapin restaurant in New Orleans. “And the eggs have a nice pop when they’re on the palate.”

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Somebody Feed Phil

The First Course: Episode 5 on Netflix

“Everybody Loves Raymond" creator Phil Rosenthal travels the globe to take in the local cuisine and meets up with James Beard Award winner Chef Alon Shaya in New Orleans.

“We use paddlefish caviar, which is like a local freshwater fish...they call it Cajun Caviar down here.” - Chef Alon Shaya

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The New Orleans Advocate

Caviar dreams, Louisiana style: three women from the New Orleans dining world reboot Cajun CaviaR

"One early sales call that proved particularly fruitful was to Commander’s Palace in the late 1980s, when Emeril Lagasse was executive chef. Bowfin caviar has been in regular rotation at Commander’s Palace ever since. Lagasse has remained a fan, too, and Louisiana caviar has been part of a changing roster of dishes at his restaurants. At Meril, his latest addition in the Warehouse District, chef de cuisine Will Avelar has lately been spooning it over deviled eggs for a gilded bar snack."

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Louisiana Cookin’ Magazine

Coastal Delicacy

“We wanted more people to be able to experience caviar at home, it is much more approachable than other caviars on the market and much more affordable...”


Wine Spectator

Chefs' Challenge: Stars Step to the Plate
By Thomas Matthews

“Emeril brought his usual full-flavored and inventive cooking in the form of a Louisiana Reuben, made with cured wagyu beef, fennel sauerkraut and a dollop of ‘Cajun caviar’...”



Cajun Caviar: Local fish eggs become treasured delicacy
By Shelley Brown

“A delicacy from a prehistoric fish straight out of the Louisiana swamps makes its way to fine dining spots in New Orleans and beyond.”



Cajun Caviar Local And Tasty

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Eater New Orleans

The Most Incredible King Cake-Inspired Dishes To Try Right Now
By Stephanie Carter

“The smartest and very best savory king cake out there. Chef Nathan Richard makes the dough from white mountain roll and stuffs it with crawfish and goat cheese. A slightly sweet pepper jelly cream cheese plays the part of the icing, while chili flakes, dehydrated crab fat “sugar,” and green onions stand in for the tri-colored sugars. To make it truly fit for a king (or “make it a Rex”), ask for some Cajun Caviar on top.”



Cajun Caviar? On National Caviar Day, we indulge in Atchafalaya fish eggs


"Cajun Caviar has been on the menu at Commander's since chef Emeril oversaw the kitchen, and its quality has only gotten better," states Tory McPhail, Commander's Palace executive chef said in a press release. 


Florida Restaurant & Lodging Magazine Spring 2017

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