Our trademark CAJUN CAVIAR was first introduced to the world by Louisiana Caviar Co. in 1986. This Louisiana seafood delicacy is processed and packed by hand according to a traditional Russian method. The roe used to make CAJUN CAVIAR is from the Choupique (Amia Calva), most commonly known as the Bowfin. This prehistoric ganoid class fish is found in the fresh waters of the Atchafalaya Basin and is one of only three true caviar producing species found in the USA (Sturgeon, Paddlefish and Bowfin). 

Cajun-country fishermen harvest CAJUN CAVIAR from early December through February.  The natural black color and delicate taste is not compromised by artificial additives, colorings or preservatives. With less than 5% salt content CAJUN CAVIAR ranks among the finest Malossol caviars in the world.

We offer our original CAJUN CAVIAR as well as SPICY CAJUN CAVIAR.

Purchase CAJUN CAVIAR locally at all Martin Wine Cellar locations, Langenstein's, Rouses locations in Louisiana, MS and AL or in Florida at Destin Ice and Destin Ice 30a.