Cajun Caviar Trio Gift Set

Cajun Caviar Trio Gift Set


Our Cajun Caviar Trio Gift Set is the perfect gift for the favorite foodie in your life! Our set includes one jar of Original Cajun Caviar, one jar of Spicy Cajun Caviar, and one jar of Paddlefish caviar, complete with two beautiful, custom-engraved Mother of Pearl serving spoons. All of our products feature locally-sourced caviar harvested from wild-caught fish that are native to our region. *If Paddlefish is out of stock we will substitute with a 1.25oz jar of original Cajun Caviar.

We never use any artificial additives, colorings, or preservatives, so you can experience the authentic, robust flavors of Louisiana cuisine right from the jar. And with less than 5% salt content, our Cajun Caviar ranks among the top Malossol caviars globally. Order your Cajun Caviar Trio Gift Set today for an unmatched culinary experience.

  • Includes 5 oz. Original Cajun Caviar, 2 oz. Spicy Cajun Caviar, 1 oz. Paddlefish caviar, and 2 Mother of Pearl Spoons

  • Regularly valued at $217

  • No artificial additives, colorings or preservatives

  • With less than 5% salt content, Cajun Caviar ranks among the finest Malossol caviars in the world

  • We offer overnight shipping Monday - Thursday only, through FedEx Periship

  • Once opened consume within 7-10 days for the freshest flavor. ks



Available for purchase locally at Martin Wine Cellar, Langenstein’s, Rouses or in Florida at Destin Ice and Destin Ice 30A


Wholesale pricing and ordering available upon request

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