Original Cajun Caviar

Original Cajun Caviar

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One of the most unique caviars on the market, Cajun Caviar is harvested from native, wild-caught Bowfin from the fresh waters of the Atchafalaya basin in Louisiana. Known regionally as the Choupique, our premium Bowfin produce caviar with a mild, delicate flavor and firm, black pearls. This distinct delicacy is packed with robust flavor in every bite. An affordable luxury, our Bowfin caviar boasts great versatility. Serve Original Cajun Caviar as the perfect topper for canapes at your next cocktail party or a delicious treat right out of the jar. Order your taste of Louisiana today!

  • No artificial additives, colorings or preservatives
  • With less than 5% salt content, Cajun Caviar ranks among the finest Malossol caviars in the world
  • Available individually in a 5 oz. jar or as a pack of three 1.25 oz. jars
  • We offer overnight shipping Monday - Thursday only, through FedEx Periship
  • Once opened consume within 7-10 days for the freshest flavor.
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For Louisiana & Florida Locals:

Available for purchase locally at Martin Wine Cellar, Langenstein’s, or in Florida at Destin Ice and Destin Ice 30A

For Chefs, Restaurants, & Premium Retailers:

Wholesale pricing and ordering available upon request


What Chefs Are Saying


“I use it because of the flavor profile I think it's very neutral tasting. I think the eggs have a nice pop when they're on the palate and I think the salinity is right there when it can be used in any application.”

Chef Nina Compton

Compére Lapin

"Cajun Caviar is as local to me as you can get, I grew up fishing in the same waters as the Choupique they're harvesting. Nothing beats the great flavors of our Louisiana bayous in a dish."

Chef Nathan Richard